Vote Pat Quinn
for United States Senator

I believe . . .
  • Madison, Jefferson, and Washington warned against political parties that polarize the country and we need to heed their warnings now more than ever.
  • The political parties support the political parties and corporations, rather than the voters.
  • We need to change the election process to put the country on the right track that elects citizen stateswomen and statesmen that will do their best for the voters, instead of for the political parties.
  • We need to change the Congressional climate to the degree that non-partisan Congressional family gathering can return to Washington. (Now even family members of different parties cannot talk to each other.)

I believe we need to elect a reasonable non-establishment candidate who can focus on the voters and solving problems. I failed to find anyone that fills this void in Arizona. Since I fit that description, I needed to do my civic duty and become a candidate.

Vote Independent Pat Quinn for United States Senator
because we deserve better.

Types of Work: Process Excellence, Information Technology, Project Management

Major Industries: Banking, Sports Statistics, Health Insurance

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I help leaders solve problems by listening to people, analyzing metrics, and implementing improvements.

I use this expertise in all parts of my life, including helping the Tucson community with problems/issues during my eight years creating TV. This especially includes producing, hosting, and directing my own TV show, “Pat Chats About”. See the show’s archive at for all 95 episodes recorded at Access Tucson, or view a list of shows (MS Excel spreadsheet).

My education includes a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, an MBA in Resource Management, a Players Workshop certification, an Oracle8i DBA OCP, and Pyzdek Institute’s Six Sigma Black Belt certification (silver level).

After completing my one-year commitment as a VISTA volunteer, I began working in Information Technology, including a combined 14+ years for sports statistics companies (STATS and BIS) and 11 years in banking. In April 2009, Coventry Workers Compensation hired me to help the Process Excellence team using my IT and later Six Sigma talents.

My free time includes family time, DSLR photography, long walks and/or bike rides, and a weekly commitment to church as part of the worship team’s tech crew.

I grew up in Chicago near Midway airport. My wife, our daughter, and I moved to Tucson in September 1997. I enjoy Arizona so much; I created a TV show at Access Tucson. You can see my show’s archive at that focuses mainly on people trying to improve the community. (My former TV show at Access Tucson recorded from January 11, 2008 thru May 16, 2015.)

Born and raised Catholic, including 17 years attending Catholic schools (all before my MBA). I enjoy worshiping with a variety of Christian denominations. Since the summer of 2010, I attend a non-denominational church and find it provides me the best of all the experiences while allowing me to focus on my personal savior, Jesus Christ, not religion.

That does not mean I dislike or avoid non-Christians. I love all people and respect other religions, faiths, and beliefs that preach love not hate.
  • Improve Congress
  • Respect life from conception to natural death
  • Execute on the No Labels Goals
  • Stand for integrity, honesty, synergy, and consensus
  • Use my MBA, statistical analytical mind, Six Sigma, and communication talents to improve Congress and become an excellent United States Senator.

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#1 – Improve Congress by becoming a champion for structural changes...

  • Open Primaries aka Non-partisan primaries
  • Labor Unions and Corporations prevented from giving to campaigns
  • End Gerrymandering
  • Join the No Labels caucus in the Senate (the third largest caucus)

#2 – Respect life from conception to natural death, the full sanctity of life stands for...

  • Anti-Abortion (including supporting the life after birth)
  • Anti-Death Penalty
  • Anti-Euthanasia

#3 – Execute on the No Labels Goals...

  • Create 25 million new jobs over the next ten years
  • Secure Social Security & Medicare for another 75 years
  • Balance the federal budget by 2030
  • Make America energy secure by 2024

#4 - Stand for integrity, honesty, synergy, and consensus – for examples...

  • Expose Corruption
  • Increase Transparency (not just telling the truth, mandatory information sharing built-in) for example, in government contracts
  • Oppose Cronyism
  • Work to find consensus first, then common ground, and lastly try compromise. I see none of these words as a dirty word in my vocabulary.


#5 – Use my MBA, statistical analytical mind, Six Sigma, and communication talents to improve Congress and become an excellent United States Senator.
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  1. Pray (always the first priority) for the campaign and for me. Some suggestions are:
    • To follow God’s plan
    • To stay grounded in Christian principles
    • To energize unregistered citizens to become registered
    • To inspire registered voters to help the campaign
    • To create a large, fast group of people willing to collect nomination petition signatures from family, friends, club mates, and the church community
    • Guide me in making decisions on issue positions
    • Ask the Holy Spirit to guide my words asking for people to help me collect petition signatures and donations
    • Ask the Holy Spirit to guide my words sharing my positions
  2. Register to Vote (or change party affiliation):
    Service Arizona Link #1
    Service Arizona Link #2

    (Remember, when you register you can skip providing your phone number, they made this an optional request. If you decide not to share it, you receive less political phone calls.)
  3. Make a financial contribution on our Donation page.
  4. Assist in other ways by contacting me via emailcontacting me at to receive a long list of possible ways to help, or tell me your idea on how to help.
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They being with a mission to enlist every Arizona resident who believes that people should come before political parties, and elected officials should represent all of us in a movement to make that vision a reality. Their first goal is to secure passage of a citizen’s initiative in 2016, which enacts nonpartisan elections in Arizona, opens Arizona’s primary elections to all voters, and ensures that everyone’s vote counts. They envision a democracy in which we hold elected officials accountable to all of the people they represent, and we measure them in the way they make decisions in office.
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(Remember, providing your phone number is only an optional request. If you decide not to share it, you receive less political phone calls.)
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